About Justice Review Task Force

The Justice Review Task Force was established on the initiative of the Law Society of BC, in March 2002. The Task Force consists of the following senior representatives:

The objective of the Task Force is to identify a wide range of reform ideas and initiatives that may help us make the justice system more responsive, accessible and cost-effective. To this end, the Task Force provides a forum for its participants to exchange information, engage in mutual consultation respecting proposed administrative, procedural or program changes, and coordinate initiatives where appropriate.

The Honourable Chief Justice Donald Brenner
Chief Justice Donald Brenner was appointed a judge of the Supreme Court of British Columbia in 1992 and Chief Justice of the Court in 2000. Prior to his judicial appointment in 1992 he was in private practice with Brenner & Company in Vancouver. The firm specialized in the field of insurance defence in the areas of aviation, products liability and professional indemnity.

The Honourable Chief Judge Carol Baird Ellan
Judge Baird Ellan was called to the bar in 1980. She first practiced tax law and then served for 10 years as a provincial prosecutor in the Vancouver and Fraser regions, at all levels of court in British Columbia. During the last two years prior to her appointment, she specialized in Court of Appeal cases. Upon her appointment as a Provincial Court Judge in 1993, Judge Baird Ellan was assigned to Robson Square Small Claims court, then in 1995 to adult criminal matters at 222 Main Street in Vancouver. She became Administrative Judge at Main Street in 1996, and was appointed an Associate Chief Judge in November 1999. She was appointed Chief Judge of the Provincial Court of British Columbia on July 7, 2000.

Richard Margetts QC
Richard Margetts QC has served the Law Society of BC as President (2001), as a Bencher (1995 to 2001) and is now a Life Bencher. A graduate of the University of BC and Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, Mr. Margetts has also served the legal profession through volunteer work for the Canadian Bar Association and the Continuing Legal Education Society of BC. In community life, Mr. Margetts has served as Secretary for the YM/YWCA of Victoria and was race director for the Vancouver Island Road Relay.

Peter Leask QC
Peter Leask QC is a Vancouver criminal lawyer called to the Bar in 1969. Mr Leask is an active member of the Vancouver Criminal Justice Section of the Canadian Bar Association, BC Branch, and a member of the national and provincial CBA Legal Aid Committees. In the past he has served as a Bencher and was Treasurer of the Law Society of BC in 1992. Mr. Leask has been a member both of the BC Provincial and National Councils of the Canadian Bar Association.

Allan P Seckel QC
Allan Seckel QC joined the public service as the Deputy Attorney General in April, 2003 after many years in private practice with a major law firm in Vancouver, BC. His practice focussed primarily on commercial and general litigation, including class actions. He is the author or co-author of two legal texts and a contributing author to the CLE Civil Trial Handbook. Mr. Seckel earned his law degree from the University of Victoria in 1983, where on graduation he was awarded the Law Society Gold Medal. He then served as law clerk to the former Chief Justice of British Columbia, the Honourable Nathan T. Nemetz. Graduate studies followed at Cambridge University, which he attended as a Commonwealth Scholar and where he earned his Master of Law degree in 1986.

M Jerry McHale QC
M Jerry McHale QC is the Assistant Deputy Minister, Justice Services Branch in the British Columbia Ministry of Attorney General. Mr. McHale served six years as Director of the Dispute Resolution Office in the Ministry. For over a decade, he practiced as a barrister and solicitor, and mediator in family and commercial law. He was a founding board member of the Mediation Development Association of British Columbia, the University of Victoria Institute for Dispute Resolution and the Canadian Bar Association Alternate Dispute Resolution (Victoria) Section.